The long-term perspective


Novozymes’ technology platform provides a wealth of opportunities for the world’s industries and ensures Novozymes a good foundation for future growth inside and outside the enzymes area.

Novozymes’ current market situation and product portfolio is strong and the future looks promising for our long-term value creation. This is because Novozymes’ technology platform offers sustainable solutions that are well suited to the challenges of global development – such as the need to improve the balance between social, environmental and economic factors.

Global trends
Three global trends are focusing attention on Novozymes’ products and research:

  • Sustainable production
    A sharper focus on global climate problems is boosting consumer and industry demand for sustainable technology. So there is plenty of scope for Novozymes’ technology, which reduces pollution, CO 2 emissions and the need for environmentally harmful chemicals. Novozymes also works on developing products for sustainable agricultural production to encourage sustainability throughout the entire production cycle.

  • Shortages of raw materials and energy
    Increasing oil prices and limited reserves in the long term are highlighting the need for alternatives to oil-based products and processes. Novozymes’ technology can be used for the manufacture of biofuels and chemicals based on carbohydrates and biomass. High prices and rising demand for other raw materials are also adding to the universal call for technology that improves resource utilization. Novozymes’ bioinnovation can do just that.

  • Better food quality
    Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly processing of food products is in focus worldwide. Interest in technology that can ensure a better uptake of nutrients is also intensifying. We are looking forward to seizing this exciting opportunity to exploit our technology platform in this area. 


Novozymes and climate change + Open

Strong technology ‘tool box’
Gene technology, microbial techniques and fermentation techno-logy are some of the biotechnological tools on which Novozymes bases its business. This platform enables Novozymes to offer a wide range of different solutions to industries worldwide.

The enzyme business currently comprises more than 90% of Novozymes’ sales and, in the future, will also make up the most important part of Novozymes’ business. But in recent years, this technology platform has also enabled us to expand our business outside the enzyme area. We have now united these activities into one organizational unit, BioBusiness, to provide the necessary focus on growth. The new activities open doors to new and exciting markets for Novozymes and help us to develop and diversify our long-term business.