Successful year paves the way to "10 in 10"

Novozymes aims to achieve sales of at least DKK 10 billion in 2010 – "10 in 10" as we call it. We are on course and the aim is within reach.

For many years, Novozymes has enjoyed a positive and stable financial development. But in 2005, when we set ourselves the aim of achieving sales of DKK 10 billion in 2010, we knew it would challenge the entire organization. Back then, Novozymes’ sales totaled about DKK 6.3 billion.

Now, three years later, it is clear that Novozymes is on the right course. With sales of DKK 7.4 billion, "10 in 10" is not unrealistic, though we still have much hard work to do.

Three objectives
"10 in 10" was launched as a new strategic initiative to support Novozymes’ long-term financial targets. "10 in 10" is composed of three elements:

  • Organic growth in the current business
    Our current business will continue to grow along with our long-term expectations. In 2007, the organic growth exceeded expectations, and in the future we will also focus on maintaining and expanding growth in our existing business. We are seeing renewed growth in sales of detergent enzymes, continued high growth in sales of technical enzymes, and an exciting development in the area of food products – for example, in enzymes for the brewing, dairy and baking industries.

  • Business-expanding activities
    Includes new potential applications for enzymes and other areas outside of enzymes: microorganisms, biopharmaceutical ingredients and biopolymers. In 2007, we united the areas outside the enzyme business into one organizational unit, BioBusiness, to provide better focus and strength to the business.

  • Acquisition of activities and companies
    Novozymes is always looking for new acquisition opportunities, both within the enzyme business and in new business areas. In 2007, we made two acquisitions, with Biocon Limited’s enzyme activities being the largest purchase in Novozymes’ history. Novozymes also bought the Canadian company Philom Bios Inc., which develops, manufactures and sells microbial products for the agricultural industry.

While the financial key figures point in the right direction, we at Novozymes remain very aware of our vision to contribute to sustainable development and achieve "10 in 10" in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Therefore, we continuously follow up on our environmental and social targets.

In 2007, further increasing resource efficiency proved a challenge in terms of energy consumption. This was due mainly to the increasing growth in sales, which put pressure on our production capacity. Naturally, these challenges have led to intensified efforts to establish what we can do locally and globally to ensure further optimization. 

Skilled, motivated employees enable "10 in 10"

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