Bioinnovation in practice


In 2007, Novozymes launched 10 new products, which all illustrate how bioinnovation can help industry to meet current demands.

Manufacturers all over the world are facing increasingly strict demands from the outside world. Regardless of whether you are a textile manufacturer in China, a bioethanol producer in the USA or the owner of a brewery in Eastern Europe, you must be able to develop better products faster, cheaper and smarter than your competitors. And in recent years yet another demand has arisen: Products and production are increasingly being assessed for environmental friendliness.

With Novozymes’ bioinnovation, our customers and business partners can meet these demands by using new and more effective biotech-based processes instead of traditional industrial methods. In this way, Novozymes is challenging conventions and creating value – both for our customers and the planet.

In 2007, Novozymes launched 10 new products – a record number for a single year. In their own ways, all these products help our customers to live up to the new demands.

Effective brewing enzyme
One of these products, Ultraflo® Max, is a new enzyme for the brewing industry, which gives producers better beer filtration, regardless of the quality of malt they use. With better filtration, more beer runs through the filters, reducing blockages and production stoppages – which ensures increased brewing capacity, better use of raw materials and lower costs.

Environmental detergent enzyme
Another new product is Stainzyme® Plus – a detergent enzyme for low temperature detergents. The product makes our customers more competitive in Western Europe, where consumers are becoming aware of the environmental benefits of washing at lower temperatures. It also gives access to new markets for detergent manufacturers in areas including Asia, where washing at lower temperatures is already common.

Better food products
A final example of a new Novozymes product from 2007 is Acrylaway™ – a ground-breaking new enzyme that reduces acrylamide, a potentially carcinogenic substance, in food products such as biscuits, cookies and snacks.

Acrylamide forms when starchy food is baked, fried or grilled at high temperatures – and Acrylaway™ can reduce acrylamide content in food products by 50-90%, helping to make food safer for consumers.  

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