Sales and markets

Novozymes sells more than 700 products to more than 40 different industries in 130 countries. Sales of enzymes account for 93% of Novozymes’ business, while microorganisms and biopharmaceutical products comprise 4% and 3%, respectively.

Novozymes’ bioinnovation is the basis for a wide range of industrially manufactured products. Our products use nature’s own resources to improve companies’ production capacity and product quality. They also help to save water and energy, make better use of raw materials and reduce waste.

We expect the increasing focus on sustainable development to continue in the years ahead, both within industry and in society as a whole. This trend will be driven mainly by concern over limited future resources and the environmental consequences of rising production and energy consumption. The focus on sustainability has already generated growth in Novozymes – through increased sales of enzymes to the bioethanol industry, for example – and there is considerable growth potential in both existing and new industries and applications.

Novozymes saw very satisfactory growth in sales in 2007, with growth in enzymes for detergents and the bioethanol industry exceeding expectations. Total sales rose by 9% to DKK 7,438 million compared to 6,802 million in 2006. About two percentage points of the growth was generated by acquisitions made by Novozymes in 2006 and 2007. Calculated in local currencies, the growth was 14%, while organic growth comprised 12% in 2007.

With a 93% share of sales, enzymes for industrial applications are Novozymes’ prime business segment. They are divided into the following categories:

  • Detergent enzymes
  • Technical enzymes
  • Food enzymes
  • Feed enzymes