Share information

The price of the Novozymes B share ended the year at DKK 582, up DKK 96, or 20%, from the beginning of the year.

The Novozymes share performed 16 percentage points better than the OMXC20 Index on the OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen, which climbed 4% during the year. The Novozymes share generally performed better than or equal to other relevant stock indexes.

In 2007, for the seventh year in a row, Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes named Novozymes as the listed biotechnology company with the greatest capacity to create long-term shareholder value.

The total value of Novozymes' B shares at the end of the year comprised DKK 31.6 billion. Measured by turnover, the share was the eigth most traded share on the OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen in 2007. In 2006, the share was the eleventh most traded share. In daily trading, the share turnover varied greatly during the year. On an average day during the year, over 277,000 shares were traded.

At year-end, the share capital comprised DKK 650 million, or 65 million shares.

Novozymes invested a total of DKK 500 million in share buy-backs in 2007, and holdings of treasury shares made up 4.9% of the total share capital at year-end.

Novozymes' B Share 2007

Share-related key figures 2007 2006

Share price (DKK)
– high 705.0 497.5
– low 461.0 327.0
– year-end 582.0 486.0
Year-end capitalization and turnover (DKK billion)
– B shares 31.6 26.4
Turnover, all trades 39.6 23.0
No. of shares, average (million)
diluted 63.3 64.5
No. of shares, year-end (million)
– issued 65.0 65.0
– outstanding 61.8 61.8
– diluted 63.4 63.7
Shares not strategically owned (free float) 2007 2006

– all shares 74.5% 74.5%
– B shares 89.3% 89.3%
Key figures
Earnings per share, diluted (DKK) 16.47 14.09
Cash flow from operating activities per share, diluted (DKK) 26.94 23.78
Dividend per share (DKK) 5.00 4.50
Year-end dividend yield (%) 0.9 0.9