Companies in the Novozymes Group

Group Companies

Issued share  Percentage
capital/paid-up of shares
Country           Activity capital owned
Novozymes Australia Pty. Ltd.  Australia  blaafirkant.gif AUD  500,000 100
Novozymes GroPep Holding Pty. Ltd. Australia firkant.gif AUD 30,000,001 100
Novozymes Biopharma AU Ltd. Australia blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif AUD 101,184,909 100
Novozymes Austria GmbH  Austria  blaafirkant.gif EUR  36,337 100
Novozymes Belgium BV  Belgium  blaafirkant.gif EUR  18,600 100
Novozymes Latin America Ltda.  Brazil  cirkel.gif blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif BRL  23,601,906 100
Philom Bios Inc. Canada blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif CAD 4,079,799 100
Philom Bios Investments, Inc. Canada firkant.gif CAD 100 100
Novozymes (China) Biotechnology Co. Ltd.  China  cirkel.gif blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif CNY  859,058,400 100
Novozymes (China) Investment Co. Ltd.  China  blaafirkant.gif CNY  816,449,373 100
Novozymes (Shenyang) Bioprocessing Co. Ltd.  China  blaafirkant.gif CNY  31,793,578 100
Qingdao Huayuan Fine Bio-Products Co. Ltd. China blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif CNY 27,000,000 82
Suzhou Hongda Enzyme Co. Ltd.  China  cirkel.gif blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif CNY  356,744,150 96
Novozymes A/S  Denmark  cirkel.gif blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif firkant.gif DKK  650,000,000 100
Novozymes Bioindustrial A/S  Denmark  firkant.gif DKK  1,000,000 100
Novozymes Bioindustrial China A/S  Denmark  firkant.gif DKK  729,700,000 100
Novozymes Biopolymer A/S  Denmark  blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif DKK  710,000 100
Novozymes Biopolymer Holding A/S  Denmark  firkant.gif DKK  710,000 100
Novozymes Biopharma DK A/S Denmark firkant.gif DKK 2,500,000 100
Novozymes Biologicals Holding A/S Denmark firkant.gif DKK 500,000 100
Novozymes Biologicals France S.A.  France  blaafirkant.gif EUR  650,000 100
Novozymes France S.A.  France  blaafirkant.gif EUR  45,735 100
Novozymes Deutschland GmbH  Germany  blaafirkant.gif EUR  255,646 100
Novozymes Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong firkant.gif HKD 10,000 100
Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.  India  blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif INR  50,000,020 100
Novozymes Italia S.r.l.  Italy  blaafirkant.gif EUR  10,400 100
Novozymes Biologicals Japan Ltd.  Japan  blaafirkant.gif JPY  30,000,000 100
Novozymes Japan Ltd.  Japan  blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif JPY  300,000,000 100
Novozymes Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.  Malaysia  blaafirkant.gif MYR  6,666,414 100
Novozymes Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.  Mexico  blaafirkant.gif MXN  338,100 100
Novozymes Mexico, S.A. de C.V.  Mexico  blaafirkant.gif MXN  35,224,200 100
Novozymes Netherlands B.V.  Netherlands  blaafirkant.gif EUR  18,000 100
Novozymes Singapore Pte. Ltd.  Singapore  blaafirkant.gif SGD 2,000,000 100
Enzymes South Africa (Pty) Ltd.  South Africa  blaafirkant.gif ZAR  100 100
Novozymes Korea Limited  South Korea  blaafirkant.gif KRW  3,300,000,000 100
Novozymes Spain S.A.  Spain  blaafirkant.gif EUR 360,607 100
Novozymes Biopharma Sweden AB  Sweden  blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif SEK  28,001,000 100
Novozymes Switzerland AG  Switzerland  blaafirkant.gif CHF  5,000,000 100
Novozymes Switzerland Holding AG  Switzerland  firkant.gif CHF 3,000,000 100
Novozymes Enzim Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi  Turkey  blaafirkant.gif TRY  21,000 100
Novozymes Biopharma UK Ltd. UK blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif GBP 22,535,113 100
Novozymes UK Ltd.  UK blaafirkant.gif GBP  1,000,000 100
Novozymes, Inc.  USA  trekant.gif USD  1,000 100
Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.  USA  blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif USD  3,000,000 100
Novozymes North America, Inc.  USA  cirkel.gif blaacirkel.gif blaafirkant.gif trekant.gif USD  17,500,000 100
Novozymes US, Inc.  USA  firkant.gif USD  115,387,497 100
Novozymes Biopolymer US, Inc. USA firkant.gif USD  1 100
Novozymes Biopharma US, Inc. USA blaafirkant.gif firkant.gif USD  1 100
Philom Bios Ltd. USA blaafirkant.gif USD  100 100
Joint Ventures Country  Activity Proportion of ownership interest
Hallas Park houseowners’ association  Denmark  firkant.gif 50
Smørmosen houseowners’ association  Denmark  firkant.gif 50
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